3-in-1 Gel Nail Polish Pen

Image credit: 1688.com

The nail art industry has experienced immense growth in recent times and according to market research experts, Grand View Research Inc., that growth is only expected to continue. Nail art is a beauty trend that is popular among women, particularly teenagers and adults. It involves the care and treatment of the nails with products that have been specially formulated for that purpose. It is then followed by the application of color (polish or varnish) to beautify the nails and this usually takes some time as a base coat is first applied, followed by the color and then the top coat. Each of them is allowed to dry well before applying the next one. As much as women like to look good, anything that will speed up the process is usually greatly appreciated, after all time is money.

Image credit: 1688.com

The 3-in-1 Gel Nail Polish Pen is a nail art product that will greatly shorten the time needed to achieve beautifully colored nails. It does that by eliminating the extra care needed when dipping brushes into pots of nail polish and transferring it to the fingers; all that’s needed is to simply turn the opposite end of the pen the required number of times and get to coloring. The gel polish has a nice viscosity and gives a beautiful shine to the nails.

In addition to these, it also:

  • Gives a precision that isn’t obtainable with the pot and brush
  • Doesn’t require a top and base coat
  • Takes just 5 minutes to apply and dry the nails
  • Lasts for 3 weeks when dried with a UV lamp
  • Saves the time spent per client for manicurists
  • Comes in a variety of colors including primary, neutral and pastel
  • Easy to use and carry

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Minimum order quantity: 3
Price in Yuan: 6.99
Price in Naira: 384.45
Weight: 12g

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