3D Electric Razor

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We live in very interesting times; in an era where every activity that can be mechanized is mechanized and those that haven’t are either being studied or waiting their turn. Even activities as mundane as shaving have now been elevated to a novel experience with the introduction of electric razors. Generally, with these devices, one is required to use soap and water or shaving creams before shaving and they don’t guarantee a nick or cut free experience.

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The 3D Electric Razor takes facial hair grooming to a whole new level with its multifunctional features. With this device, you may not need to buy any other kind of blades as it comes with blades for not just shaving but with those for side burns, nose and ear trimming, beard trimming, hair clipping and even face and tooth brushing. Unlike regular electric razors, it has a fancy mechanism that ensures cuts do not occur during shaving. It is designed with the floating head technology that allows the blades to adapt to the shape of the user’s face which translates to cleaner and smoother cuts. It’s important to note that only one motor and one of each head (blade or brush) is included in each pack.

This multifunctional grooming 3D Electric Razor Kit is also:

  • Ergonomically designed so that it can be gripped comfortably during use
  • Energy efficient and is fully charged with overnight charging
  • Waterproof, the heads and body can be immersed in water
  • Long lasting as it can run for 50 minutes on a single charge
  • Includes a blade for women to use on their lady parts
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Washable for easy maintenance
  • Made of ABS plastic and stainless steel
  • Portable and serves well on trips

You’re welcome to order from any of the suggested stores:

Minimum order quantity: 1
Price in Yuan: 98.00
Price in Naira: 5390.00 
Weight: 556g
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