Bare Lifts

People often say that it takes a woman forever to get ready. What they don’t realize is that it is hardly ever deliberate and there are many different reasons it takes them longer than the men folk to get ready. Those reasons include, and are not limited to, choosing make-up, coiffing tresses and wardrobe dilemma. The last one can be a real drag especially when she isn’t able to wear her favorite dress or blouse simply because her bra straps or some other part of her bra will likely make an appearance and every stylish woman knows that that’s one fashion faux pas she shouldn’t make.

It’s situations like this that’ll have women all over shouting hallelujah at the sight of these Bare Lifts. What does a bra do? It lifts and gives shape to the breasts, making them look good in clothing. The Bare Lifts do the same thing. It’s an almost colorless, thin and discreet material that is designed to provide lift to the breasts from above. It’s an easy way to solve the problem that women encounter when looking through their wardrobes for what to wear as it removes the limitation that exposed bras place on their choice of what to wear. Now, their favorite strapless blouses no longer have to be placed on probation and those beautiful backless dresses can now be admired not only on the hangers but on their bodies. It’s perfect for those days when they’re in no mood for bras but need their services all the same.

Other features include:

  • Fits size A to size C cups
  • Nipple covers provide discreet, natural look
  • Medical grade, non-woven material is safe for most skin types
  • Strong tape holds breasts for up to 12 hours
  • Not for sensitive or irritated skin

Order now:

Minimum order quantity: 10 
Price in Yuan: 12.00
Price in Naira: 660.00 
Weight: NA
Minimum order quantity: 100
Price in Yuan: 9.00
Price in Naira: 495.00 
Weight: NA

2 thoughts on “Bare Lifts”

  1. Hello sir. I hear the products lands in your office in lagos,i’m in abj. Will that incur extra costs if you were to deliver them to me in abj? And how do one verify the quality of this products?

    • Hello again Mary,
      We’re happy to hear from you. Yes the products land in our Lagos office and you get to choose between a home delivery option and picking them up from our office. The home delivery option will incur additional costs.
      As for product quality verification, we have a team in China that ensures that you get what you ordered. For instance, our China-based team ensures that you get 5 Black Bare Lifts and not brown or white, if you ordered 5 black Bare Lifts. You have to ensure you read through product descriptions both on our blog and the product page on so that you get information on the quality.
      Hope this helps.


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