Electric Pulse Neck Massager

The following words should sound familiar to folks who are constantly typing and clicking the day away on their computers, people for whom work and play involve their computers; here they are: aching necks, headaches, aching shoulders, upper back pain etc. Actually, aches and pains are not peculiar to computer users alone; they affect anyone who has bad posture, who has to sit behind a desk for hours at work or study and the elderly. For those of us who get these from work or study, these aches and pains are clinically referred to as muscle overuse and there’s a lot of advice from the physiotherapists on how to avoid getting them. Some of that advice include: use of proper desks, take breaks, adopt correct postures and so on; these are all good but they’re not easily practicable and for this reason, many of those can afford it always find their way back to the physiotherapist’s or the masseuse’s.

Now, what if we can have our very own portable, physiotherapy unit? What if there’s that special device that can make everyday feel like a spa day? We’re glad to announce that with the Electric Pulse Neck Massager, the answer to both questions is yes. It’s a nifty gadget that is designed to utilize magnetic energy in the delivery of deep, relaxing TENS therapy massage. The electric pulses generated by this neck massager stimulate the neck acupoints which results in improved metabolism, relaxed muscles and elimination of aches and soreness.

The Electric Pulse Neck Massager also features:

  • 2 AAA battery power source
  • 2 electrode patches to use on other parts of the body
  • 1 cable that connects patches to the massager
  • Offers 8 massage modes
  • Intelligent, adjustable fit for all neck sizes
  • Offers 8 massage modes

You can order now from:

Minimum order quantity: 1
Price in Yuan: 29.00
Price in Naira: 1595.00
Weight: 700g

Minimum order quantity: 5
Price in Yuan: 25.50
Price in Naira: 1402.50
Weight: NA

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