Ergonomic Baby Carrier

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Baby carriers are a dime a dozen but baby carriers that are considerate on the parent or babysitter’s body, now that’s something worth spending on. Anyone who has ever used a baby carrier will attest to the aches and soreness it causes, especially to the neck, shoulder and waist muscles and many people have come to accept the discomfort as part of the package. However, thanks to a recent addition to the baby product market, the Ergonomic Baby Carrier, we no longer have to put up with those aches.

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This baby carrier was constructed with the comfort of both the wearer and baby in mind. The materials and the research-based technology employed in its production all combine to ensure that parents and babysitters who own this carrier no longer have endure those nibbling feelings of guilt that creep in when carrying their precious one begins to feel more like a chore than a joy (trust us, those guilty feelings are real). It features wider shoulder straps; these straps cause the baby’s weight to be spread over a larger area than the narrower straps of the regular carriers. Perhaps, what’s most interesting about this carrier is its versatility; it comes as a 2-in-1 package that includes a hip seat and a carrier! The hip seat provides a firm stool for the child to sit on and is inclined at a 30o to the adult’s body. By the way, these hip seats are the rave now and it’s easy to see why.

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More on the Ergonomic Baby Carrier:

  • Double fasteners, Velcro and buckles, provide doubly secure hold for the child
  • Multiple pockets for parent’s phone, baby’s towel, extra diaper etc
  • Soft and comfortable foam in hip seat and carrier
  • Durable and available in many colors

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