Fingerprint Scanning Smartlock

Remember how we used to watch those sci-fi movies that had lots of futuristic technology and dismissed them as film tricks? Well, a few of those “film tricks” have inspired tech manufacturers to create them or something similar and while some have been hugely successful others are still in the works. Some sci-fi inspired techs that are commonplace today include mobile phones, tablets, hoverboards, driverless cars, video calls and the Fingerprint Scanning Smartlock that’s the focus of this write-up.

Biometric security has been in use for quite a while now – and it’s been a popular feature of sci-fi movies; remember those doors and safes that could only be opened with the owner’s fingerprints or retina scans? Well, this technology has been refined to such a scale that we can now secure our homes, cabinets, bikes and more with a padlock that unlocks only to registered fingerprints. With this padlock, one doesn’t need to worry about carrying keys about or losing them neither does one have to worry about remembering password combinations. All that’s needed to unlock it is something that we always have on us, our fingerprints.

Other great features of the Fingerprint Scanning Smartlock include:

  • A durable aluminum alloy construction for the lock body means that it can withstand brute force and harsh weather conditions
  • The lock beam is made with high-grade 303 stainless steel
  • Corrosion-resistant and waterproof with an IP65 rating that certifies it as dust tight and its working parts protected against damage from projected water
  • A 3.7 volt polymer battery that powers the padlock for up to 1000 unlock times
  • Micro USB charging port that can easily be charged with USB cable
  • Connects to smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Can be used with up to 15 registered fingerprints

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Minimum order quantity: 1
Price in Yuan: 180.00
Price in Naira: 9900.00
Weight: 105g

Minimum order quantity: Negotiable
Price in Yuan: Negotiable
Weight: NA

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