Magic Lips Lip Plumper

It can be said that beautiful lips frame beautiful smiles and if we’re going to be honest with ourselves, we can all agree that there has been at least one time or the other where we’ve found ourselves distracted by a pair of fine looking lips – distracted enough to lose track of what they were saying, distracted to the point of needing to pay compliments to their bearer. However, all lips are not created equal, as can be seen from the variety in color and sizes, and while lipsticks abound in a plethora of colors to level the playing field in the color department, surgery and lip injections seem to be the only effective way to do anything about lip size. Well, no longer, it isn’t and it’s all thanks to the creation of the Magic Lips Lip Plumper.

It’s a lip care product created to leave lips deliciously fuller and invitingly poutier than it met them. It’s a rich blend of collagen and fillers from marine life, all natural ingredients. What’s more, it’s hypoallergenic and one doesn’t have to fear or worry about allergic reactions to this product. Great at keeping the lips moisturized, it also leaves a tingly, cooling effect on the lips. When applying lip make-up, it can be used as a base to prime the lips before adding color or it can be applied over color. Either way, it plumps the lips and gives them some shine. It can also be used alone as a 15-day intensive lip treatment.

Other features of the Magic Lips Plumper include:

  • It’s kiss proof and water proof
  • It stays on for up to 6 hours
  • Adds up to 50% instant volume to lips
  • Affordable and safe
  • Longer lasting effect over time

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