Magic Rainbow Coloring Book

Children, especially toddlers, love to draw; they can doodle and scribble for hours. They also love to color; give a toddler a coloring book and crayons, markers or pencils and watch them go to town on the book. It’s a splendid way for parents to keep their little ones constructively engaged while they attend to other things or take some well-deserved rest. The only problem is that one has to keep an eye on them or risk having them go from coloring in their books to coloring the walls, refrigerators, doors and any other surface they can lay their little hands on. All it takes is a matter of minutes and a wall can go from pristine to looking like a rainbow exploded on it.

The Magic Rainbow Coloring Book provides parents with a superb solution to this problem. It uses a water-filled marker bring out the color within the papers of the coloring book. No actual crayons or coloring tool is required and parents can rest assured that their kids can’t turn the leather couch into their own art canvas. What’s more, it doesn’t create any mess so parents don’t have to worry about kids staining their hands, clothes and other objects with color. It’s also a great a way for kids to kill time on trips and in waiting lounges; parents no longer have to wear themselves out chasing after the little munchkins.

This coloring book also:

  • Uses a refillable water-filled pen or marker
  • Provides endless fun – after coloring, allow the paper to dry and color again
  • Has multiple pages of fun coloring activity that’ll keep toddlers constructively engaged
  • Provides kids with a great way to practice coloring until they ready for the real thing
  • Safe, affordable and reusable

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