Magnetic Abdominal Slimming Patch

A trim fit figure – that’s the goal for many of us. You’d be surprised at the number of times it makes it into many peoples’ New Year’s resolution. Yet very few people are able to get that result by the time December comes along and it’s not for want of trying. At times, there’s just so much to do that even thinking about getting in shape often makes one feel vain and selfish. There’s also the face that it’s a long, arduous process and involves parting with a lot of cash – and if one decides to, going under the knife.

However, before one begins to lose sleep or stress over this or even decides to go for a liposuction, we think most people would like to try out the Magnetic Abdominal Slimming Patch. It’s a small circular patch that makes use of the health benefits of magnets to increase the wearer’s metabolic rate and burn away the excess fat around the abdominal area. The circular part of the patch is the magnet while the white part is the patch that fastens the magnetic to the body. They are both made of safe materials that have no reports of negative reactions. Magnetic therapy is a field of alternative medicine and it dates back to as far as four thousand years ago. It’s even believed that the famous Egyptian ruler, Cleopatra wore a magnetic stone (also called Lodestone) around her head and believed in its health promoting benefits.

The Magnetic Abdominal Slimming Patch also

  • Contains catechin, a metabolism booster and blood circulation improver that enhances the removal and waste products from the body
  • Contains Capsaicin which reduces cellulite and Salicornia Herbacea to keep the skin hydrated and elastic
  • To be worn at least 8 hours/day

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2 thoughts on “Magnetic Abdominal Slimming Patch”

  1. Hello, i love this information, but please how efficient is this product ??
    i deal with so many women especially those that wants to loose weight, so is this really effective and hope no health effects ?.
    I wouldn’t like introducing to my customers a product that will affect them in anyway. Thanks, i will be waiting for your reply.

    • Good day Mr kc,
      The products are effective and no side effect of any sort, it is meant to be used for atleast 8 hours per day. if you want proceed with this order there are links you can use to create your order on or contact customer care for assistance on 08068397263 (Ifeoma)


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