Moon Lamp

The moon lamp serves two purposes; one, it serves as a beautiful decorative piece and two, as a night light – for those of us who appreciate getting more value for less, it can effectively perform both functions, so make that three purposes instead of two. It’s a replica of a 3D printing of the real deal; wait that seems like too much information packed into a few words, so we will elaborate. You see, NASA has a lot of detailed pictures of the moon and other planetary bodies. With the help of 3D printing, these pictures were used to create an amazingly life-like replica of the moon and now we can all have our own mini moons. It reminds one of the animated movie Despicable Me where Gru shrinks and steals the moon but unlike Gru’s, our mini moon will not be going back into orbit anytime soon.

The Moon Lamp is available in different sizes and can go from as small as 8 centimeters to as large as 28 centimeters wide. It lights up from within and when it does, all the details on its surfaces can be seen and it’s very much like the earth’s moon. Thanks to the advanced 3D printing technology, the part of the moon facing the earth is well replicated on the Moon Lamp so those of us who have stared at the moon long enough will certainly recognize some landmarks. More fun stuff on the Moon Lamp include:

  • LED bulbs that can be changed from one color to another, there are up to 16 colors to choose from
  • Can be controlled with the included remote or by tapping the touch button at the base of the lamp
  • Comes with a standard USB charger and easily assembled wooden stand

You’re welcome to place your order at any of these stores:

MOQ: 1
Price in Yuan: 19.10
Price in Naira: 1050.50
Weight: 1.0 kg

MOQ: 1
Price in Yuan: 28.00
Price in Naira: 1540.00
Weight: 1.0kg

MOQ: 2
Price in Yuan: 3.88
Price in Naira: 213.40
Weight: 900g

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  1. Am a new bea here, but I think I have gotten something to start off with, myself this is the first time am seeing this

    • Hello Aisha,
      It’s great to have you! Would you like to place an order for the Moon Lamp or any other product? We’d love to help you setup a successful mini importation business. We look forward to working with you.
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