Non-Stick Baking Mat

There is no denying the fact that baked goods are delicious, perhaps criminally so. They taste so good and no matter what anyone says, life without those yummy miracles of sugar infused, dry heated flour would be… it’s actually quite difficult to imagine life without them so we’ll just skip that and imagine something else, something that’s real: the work that goes into the creation of these mouth-watering goodies. There’s a high chance that we’d be hard pressed to find anyone who spares a moment to appreciatively consider the baker and all the work he or she put into making a cake while they’re enjoying it – and that’s not a bad thing, after all, a cake is meant to be enjoyed. However, bakers need some accolades. Wrestling with the thick, sticky stuff that’s dough isn’t for a task the faint hearted and while most bakers smile through the kneading, they’ll gladly welcome any way to make the process less laborious is welcome.

This is where the Non-Stick Baking Mat comes in. it’s a thin silicone mat that allows the baker to knead, roll, cut and decorate dough without making a mess. The food grade silicone is FDA approved and offers easy release, no flour, grease or cooking spray needed. With this mat, bakers won’t have to scrap dough off their work top. Who’d be interested in this mat? Anyone who bakes for fun, anyone who bakes for a living and anyone who loves or appreciates a baker.

Other remarkable features include:

  • Measuring units – both metric and imperial units are shown on the sides and in concentric circles to make unit conversion and following recipes easier
  • Oven, freezer and dishwasher safe
  • Non-slip underside sticks to the work top
  • Available in other color options

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