Picosecond Laser Pen

Let’s face it, every post pubescent homo sapien indulges in the hygienic ritual of regular hair removal from certain parts of the body – unless they belong to some odd social group that aims to make a statement by letting the hair in those certain areas grow out; so far we haven’t met such a group. There are different methods of hair removal and some of the more popular ones include: shaving, hot waxing, plucking or tweezing and hair removal creams. Now we don’t know if you noticed but there are two things that some of these methods have in common, the first is pain and the second is repetition. Each method of hair removal is best suited for removing hair from particular areas; for instance, tweezing is ideal for reshaping eyebrows and removing stray facial hair.

The Painless Light Hair Removal Laser employs laser technology that works by emitting light pulses in quick succession and it’s quite expensive. It’s quick, painless and can be used with ease on any part of the body. With this device, people will comfortably experience premium laser hair removal technology in their homes, at their own time and at affordable prices. It’s great at removing tattoos, scars and other blemishes. Leaving the skin blemish free and beautiful.

Below are some of its specifications:

  • Blue and red light pens offer different intensities
  • Two operating modes: normal and automatic.
  • Normal mode allows the user to control the light pulses
  • Automatic mode allows for an uninterrupted beam
  • No batteries or charging required, simply plug in and enjoy
  • Compact, lightweight construction for ease of use and transportation
  • For best results, skin repair gel should be applied after use
  • Promises permanent hair removal in 8 weeks

Order now:

Minimum order quantity: 3
Price in Yuan: 200
Price in Naira: 11000.00
Weight: 700g

Minimum order quantity: 3
Price in Yuan: 190.00
Price in Naira: 10450.00
Weight: 540g

Minimum order quantity: 1
Price in Yuan: 299.00
Price in Naira: 16445.00
Weight: 690g

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