Reusable Straws

There are times when we’ve had to reject the straws that come with drinks we ordered simply because of how they were presented. Sometimes they seem clean enough but then the person presenting them absent mindedly holds them by any of the drinking ends while handing them over and that’s often a turn-off for many. Other times, some of the sellers are conscious enough to present the straws in their packet so the customer gets to pick one by themselves but when one looks at the conditions under which those straws were stored, one has to think twice about using them. But then, it’s either we use those straws or we drink straight from the bottle, something many of us would rather not do – talk about choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Well, those days are over and we gladly kiss them goodbye as we say hello to Reusable Straws. These straws are made to last a lifetime and can be reused time and again. They’re available in different lengths to fit any cup or bottle and are also available in plastic, silicone and stainless steel. They also come in different designs so that everyone can find a straw to fit their need and style. We can take them out with us and use them anywhere. These straws are a great buy for the environmentally conscious (come to think of it, we all should become eco woke, just saying) among us as their reusability means we won’t be contributing to the menace of environmental pollution by using them. The reusable straws are:

  • As wide as regular straws
  • Sold in storage pouches
  • Easy to clean and come with cleaning brushes
  • Flexible – they bend in any direction
  • Lightweight and easy to store

Order now:

Minimum order quantity: 200 packs
Price in Yuan: 21.00
Price in Naira: 1155.00
Weight: NA

Minimum order quantity: 1 piece
Price in Yuan: 31.06
Price in Naira: 1708.30
Weight: NA

*Reference weight: 0.12kg

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