Tire Pressure Alert Cap

There has been a lot of warning against over inflated tires and the dangers that they pose to the driver and other road users but not enough has been said about how dangerous under inflated tires can be. Automobile engineers and car mechanics understand how important it is to keep tabs on the air level in the tire as it is the air pressure in the tire that bears the load or weight of the vehicle and its occupants. Many car owners and drivers do not know how to check the air pressure level in their tires and this isn’t strange but this is a situation that can be easily corrected with the Tire Pressure Alert Cap.

It’s a small cylindrical cap that is less than 1 inch in length and is designed to fit the valve stem tightly. It makes use of color bars to indicate the air pressure level in the tire: green means that the air pressure is normal, when the tire pressure is 10 percent less than the recommended level, the yellow bar is displayed to warn the driver and red indicates an air pressure that’s below the recommended level and dangerous. It has a transparent window that separates the indicator bars from the external environment and adds to the reliability of the reading it gives as external factors do not interfere with its mechanisms. Every car owner would appreciate the heads up this device gives as it not only helps to prevent nasty accidents; it also ensures that their tires enjoy longer life spans. Other features and benefits include:

  • Contains 4 indicators per pack
  • Durable metal construction
  • Increases car fuel efficiency
  • Lightweight and compact, it fits unobtrusively over the valve stem
  • Easy to install and interpret

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