Vacuum Travel Mug

A Vacuum Travel Mug comes in handy when we’re trying to keep our favorite drinks and beverages hot or cold on the go; plus, not all of us are top shot executives with assistants who’ll appear, at the touch of a button, with cups of coffee or tea, freshly made, steaming hot and just the way we like it; but we can all have something that’s just as good – and probably even better if we consider the fact that we get to make our own drink with our favorite ingredients and we get to save the extra cash we’d have spent paying someone to do it – and that’s the Vacuum Travel Mug. It isn’t something new but it has been improved.

These vacuum travel mugs are making raves and for all the right reasons. One of those reasons is their ability to keep drinks hot or cold for much, much longer than the regular mugs. As one user said, drinks kept in this mug stay hot for over 6 hours. This means that if a hot drink, say hot cocoa, was poured into this mug by 6:30am, it would still be piping hot by noon when it’s time for lunch break. Moreover, they just don’t keep stuff hot, they’re great at keeping them cold as well; so that if we can prolong the enjoyment of our iced tea, juice or soft drink without ice cubes or refrigerators. What other interesting things are there to know about these mugs? Check them out below:

  • Lid and spill proof lids that keep the hot or cold stuff in, even when the mug is dropped
  • Convenient to hold and handle
  • Solid, rust resistant stainless steel construction
  • Easy to clean, hand and dishwasher safe
  • Different colors available

Feel free to place an order at any of the suggested stores:

Minimum order quantity: 100
Price in Yuan: 38.00
Price in Naira: 2090.00
Weight: NA

Minimum order quantity: 2
Price in Yuan: 35.00
Price in Naira: 1925.00
Weight: 420g

Minimum order quantity: 2
Price in Yuan: 50.23
Price in Naira: 2762.65
Weight: NA

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