Neck Traction Device

Neck pain is quite common and it can be caused by accidents, holding the neck in awkward positions for too long e.g. prolonged looking up or down, sleeping in uncomfortable positions, stress (there’s plenty of that in today’s world), carrying weight on the shoulders, underlying disease conditions e.g. herniated discs, throat infections etc. even something as unrelated to the topic as wearing heavy necklaces can lead to neck pain. Many of us have found ways to ease or eliminate this pain such as physiotherapy, massage, pain relief medication while some of us just endure the pain. However with a Neck Traction Device, anyone experiencing neck pain can find quick, simple relief without even having to leave the comfort of their homes.

Neck traction, also called cervical traction, is one of the treatments for neck pain that therapists prescribe. It involves lightly and gently pulling the head away from the neck. This eliminates compression, reducing pressure on the vertebrae, and creates expansion that promotes improved blood circulation, relaxes muscles and significantly relieves pain, numbness and stiffness. This Neck Traction Device is designed to provide instant and effective relief for neck and shoulder pain; it’s a great alternative to medication or surgery. It’s an inflatable device that makes use of the expansion caused by air to the three layers of u-shaped airbags to gently and evenly stretch or pull the neck upwards.

Its features include:

  • Hand pump with which the device is inflated
  • Air control valve regulates the air quantity and air flow
  • Fully adjustable for different neck sizes including male and female necks
  • Corrects neck posture, allowing it to heal and preventing further injury
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Well-made to prevent air leakage
  • Available in blue and brown color options

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