Batter Mixer Bottle

The Batter Mixer Bottle was created to make batter mixing much more easier and faster than it currently is (we mean batter mixing by hand and not by those commercial electric mixers). It also makes the task mess free and more fun. Novelty aside, this product could actually spur the lazy chefs among us to aspire to greater culinary heights seeing as it takes the major stress of making and handling batter. What’s more, it’s ridiculously easy to use. All one has to do is decide how much batter they need, pour sufficient amount of water into the bottle and add an adequate amount of flour to it. The next step is to drop the Blenderball into the mix and proceed to shake it like they just don’t care and that’s all.

The Blenderball is the stainless steel wire ball that comes with the mixer bottle. It is made with food safe stainless steel and employs a patented batter mixing system to create smooth batter before anyone can finish singing “pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man” or get through half of the Betty Botter tongue twister. And the interesting thing is that it’s purely brawn powered, so there’s no need for batteries and no one gets to worry about cords and plugging in. It’s great for making meals for family and friends and it’s even better for making meals with them. More details on the Batter Mixer below:

  • Heat-resistant silicone tip provides control when pouring out the batter
  • Calibrated bottle makes it easy to measure ingredients
  • Uniquely designed cap releases pressure created by batter without wasting or spraying it
  • Lightweight and easy to clean by hand or with dishwasher
  • Wide mouth for adding ingredients
  • Great for pancakes, bean batter, batter coating, buns etc

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Minimum order quantity: 2
Price in Yuan: 12.00
Price in Naira: 660.00
Weight: NA

Minimum order quantity: 5
Price in Yuan: 14.00
Price in Naira: 770.00
Weight NA

*Reference weight: 182g

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