Foldable Changing Pad & Diaper Bag

Babies aren’t bound by any of the rules of etiquette or social behavior that make adulthood complicated. For instance, after feeding the little milk guzzlers, we wait expectantly for them to belch and even encourage them to do so by placing them upright and rubbing their backs. Then we smile and praise them when they let the anticipated gas out through their cute little mouths. If an older person tries that, he/she would be given the stink eye. Another instance that proves that babies are living the good life can be seen in their freedom to fart, poo or pee whenever and wherever they like. Timing and location isn’t their concern, they just do their thing and leave the parents or minders to clean up after them.

With the Foldable Changing Pad & Diaper Bag doing that becomes easier. Due to its portable design, parents, baby sitters and any baby minder can carry it about in their hands or bags. This makes it a lot less stressful to attend to daily activities, run errands or step out for some fun time with the baby in tow. It provides clean and ready surface for changing babies’ diapers in style. It also doubles as a diaper bag, eliminating the need to lug an extra bag on short trips to the market, mall or for a fun time out with friends. In addition to being lightweight and waterproof, it also sports some extra handy features like:

  • Space to attach toys so that the baby’s hands are kept busy and less likely to interfere with the changing process
  • Adjustable top portion that keeps baby’s hands out of the way
  • Soft and comfortable lining that makes hard surfaces cozy for the baby
  • Easy to clean

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