Q50 Kids’ Smart Watch

The Q50 Smart Watch is a wearable piece of technology designed to help parents keep track of and ensure the safety of their children and with its many clever features, it does all that and more. In addition to actually being useful, it also has that sci-fi appeal that will both attract and engage kids living in today’s tech driven world. What’s more, this smart watch is easy enough for younger kids to operate and stylish enough for older kids to rock without cramping their style.

Now let’s talk about some of its features, shall we? Right. The Q50 Smart Watch for Kids has a 2-mode location determination system that makes use of GPS and AGPS to accurately pinpoint the location of its wearer at all times. GPS and AGPS are both services that utilize information from satellites to provide navigational aid and location information on request. The difference between the two is that GPS sacrifices speed for accuracy while AGPS is lot faster than but not as accurate as GPS. Seeing as the Q50 Smart Watch combines both services, parents can quickly and accurately track their children or wards without fuss or stress. Before we forget, this smart watch works with an app that is readily available on the different app markets for iOS and Android devices. Another impressive thing about this watch is it allows parents to set up a virtual fence around safe areas, alerting them whenever their kids cross those perimeters or take off the watch – pretty neat, right?

Other features include:

• Phone book and 2-way telephone and chat services
• Micro SIM support
• Rechargeable 400mAh Li-ion battery
• SMS alerts delivered to parents’ phones
• One-dial SOS button that triggers alarm
• Fitness tracker and pedometer functions
• Available in different colors
• Waterproof, comfortable and safe

Order from any of these stores:

Minimum order quantity: 1
Price in Yuan: 37.24
Price in Naira: 2048.20
Weight: 143g
Minimum order quantity: 1
Price in Yuan: 46.00
Price in Naira: 2530.00
Weight: 134g
Minimum order quantity: 1
Price in Yuan: 46.00
Price in Naira: 2530.00
Weight: 134g

17 thoughts on “Q50 Kids’ Smart Watch”

  1. If I want to join the group buy for the Qkids watch, how many quantity must I buy at ones and how much will the landing cost per one be?

    • Hello Ozioma,
      There are different sellers offering the Q5 Smart Watch and they do so at different prices. To answer your question, we’d take one of the prices listed above: 2464.05 Naira. Using our Estimated Landing Cost Calculator, at a weight of 134g per unit, it would cost about 3795.46 Naira to ship an single unit of this product to Nigeria. Please bear in mind that this is only an estimation. We hope this helped. also, feel free to use the calculator as it ensures that you’re not only able to plan well but that the process is transparent as well.
      Thank you!

  2. I used your landing cost calculator to calculate and it gave me 3k+. Does this mean that if I pay that 3k+ for example I don’t worry for any other thing. I’ll just wait for the goods to arrive in Lagos from China then I pick up


    I have been trying to use your contact page but I don’t know whether the fault is from my side. I wanted to ask this

    Do you have a minimum price of goods you handle for people cos a friend told me you only handle goods with minimum price of 50k

    How true is that

    • Hello Chidiebere,
      We’re assuming you calculated using figures from the first seller. We arrived at ₦3,341.53 using the same. Bearing in mind the fact that it’s an estimate, we’ll say: yes, that’s all it’ll take to get 1 Q50 Kids’ Smart Watch into Nigeria from the first seller (provided you’ll be picking it up from our office). You should also bear in mind that the exchange rate may be different from what it was when we created this post.
      For your second question, yes, we do have a minimum price, .i.e. the least amount of money we allow per order, and it’s 10,000.00 Naira.
      We hope this helps.

    • Hello Eniola,
      Assuming you’re buying from the recommended seller on the post at 37.24 Yuan, the estimated landing cost for 20 pieces would be $151.25
      Thank you.

  3. Hello. Please do you ship to Cameroon? What’s the minimal quantity I need to purchase to have it in Cameroon? And the total cost ? Thank you

    • Hello Hilman,
      Yes, we ship to Cameroon and the minimum weight we can ship there is 10kg. Please send us an email at admin@spreaditglobal.com for information on the minimum cost for Cameroon shipping. You can also reach us via phone on (+234)-806-458-3664 or (+234)-806-839-7263. Calls are taken during working hours only.
      We hope to hear from you soon.

  4. I am interested in this particular product but i have an issue with the fact that it only compatible with 2G sim , please how can you with that ? Many thanks.

  5. I am interested in this particular product but i have an issue with the fact that it only compatible with 2G sim , made some enquiring and was told 2G sim are no more available . please how can you help with that ? Many thanks.


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