Aluminum Foil Self-adhesive Kitchen Backsplash

Steam, water, bubbling fluids, sweat and blood (yes, you read correctly, blood) are just some of the random things that one can expect to see in the kitchen on a good day; and on an even  better day, one might just find all four in one kitchen. Now, even though the average person expects to … Read more

Anti Lost Wrist Link

Anyone who has ever had to babysit a child knows that they have this trying tendency to run off when you look away for a second and you know what the most confounding thing is? The cute little imps will either turn around and smile or laugh when you try to get them to come … Read more

Drawer Style Transparent Cabinet

A cluttered space is a special type of hell; one where little devils of frustration and nerve wracking tension jab their pitchforks at their victims and trample on their dreams of seamless processes, punctuality and productivity with infuriating glee. And believe it or not, more people than we can imagine can relate to this picture … Read more

Maycheer Hair Shadow

A scanty hairline is the bane of many existences. It has stifled the creativity in self expression through hair style choices for many men and women and has formed the basis of nomenclature for many an exasperated animal (e.g. the naked mole rat). While there isn’t much that we can do for the poor creatures, … Read more

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