Aluminum Foil Self-adhesive Kitchen Backsplash

Steam, water, bubbling fluids, sweat and blood (yes, you read correctly, blood) are just some of the random things that one can expect to see in the kitchen on a good day; and on an even  better day, one might just find all four in one kitchen. Now, even though the average person expects to come in contact with these substances while in the average kitchen, there’s not much that they can do about controlling or containing them; and so, at the end of the day, they’re left with oil splashes, spilled water etcetera to clean up, and the fear that some of the spilled fluids might leave permanent stains.

So in the light of the above, we’re super psyched to introduce the Aluminum Foil Self-adhesive Kitchen Backsplash. This is a product that’ll help make keeping a clean and sparkling (quite literally, thanks to its shiny material) kitchen a more achievable task for many. First of all, it’s made with mold and mildew resistant material which makes it difficult for the tiny life forms to grow in the area the backsplash covers. Talking about material, it’s made with PVC and aluminum which makes it tough, durable and long lasting. This means that however intense a food preparation session gets or however frequently a kitchen is used, the backsplash can take the heat and whatever else is thrown at or splashed on it. The Aluminum Self-adhesive Backsplash is:

  • thin enough to be cut and customized to fit any part of the kitchen
  • easy to install and remove, thanks to its adhesive side
  • resistant to high temperatures, water and oil proof
  • not suited for kitchen walls but also for shelves, counter or table tops, cabinets etc
  • sold in meters and different designs

Free to order now:

Minimum order quantity: 2 meters
Price in Yuan: 3.00
Price in Naira: 165.00
Weight: 105g

Minimum order quantity: 2 meters
Price in Yuan: 1.90
Price in Naira: 104.50
Weight: 112g

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