3D Compression Knee Brace

When you become a member of the fit fam (we mean those who are committed and dedicated to the whole thing, like the real deal, hard core members), you’re one for life and nothing, not even, injuries or age can revoke your membership. The most any one of those conditions will do is slow you … Read more

No-Drip Oil Dispenser

Often times, the difference between a great meal and a culinary disaster lies in the quantity and ratios of ingredients used. Every good cook or chef knows that the kitchen is very much like a laboratory and that cooking is to him or her what ‘chemisting’ (don’t bother looking up the word, we coined it … Read more

Anti Spill Funnel for Pots and Pans

Has anyone ever tried to transfer hot oil from a frying pan into a container with a smaller rim? We can guess from your experience, it isn’t something that you’d advice anyone to do when they’re distracted, is it? It’s actually not rocket science but it’s definitely a task you would want to pay close … Read more

Rotate the Vegetable Cutter

Food prep time just got more exciting with this little cutie patootie and we’re going to tell you how. The new Rotate the Vegetable Cutter comes with an amazing feature that sets it apart from other vegetable cutters: a drainage system that allows one to wash the vegetables immediately after cutting them, making the cleaning … Read more

High-Pressure Car Cleaning Gun

Okay, show of hands, how many of us wouldn’t mind driving or being driven about in a not-so-clean car? Anyone? It’s just as we thought, no one; and we don’t hold it against you as we wouldn’t choose that either. Now, in spite of the general preference for clean cars, the average Joe and Janet … Read more

Portable Leak-Proof Travel Bottles

Maintaining good personal hygiene practices is something a lot of people invest time and money into. Deliberately and subconsciously, people make choices that not only show they want healthier lives but also make others aware of this. For instance, taking baths and applying creams and lotions is a deliberate choice for wellness. Another is hand … Read more

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