High-Pressure Car Cleaning Gun

Okay, show of hands, how many of us wouldn’t mind driving or being driven about in a not-so-clean car? Anyone? It’s just as we thought, no one; and we don’t hold it against you as we wouldn’t choose that either. Now, in spite of the general preference for clean cars, the average Joe and Janet know that cleaning a car clean isn’t the most fun of tasks; particularly when one considers the car mat with grooves and contours caked with mud and every other thing shoes and boots have dragged in. Yeah, we know it’s not a pretty picture but it’s a reality car owners have to deal with. And lest we forget, they also have dusty dashboards, stained upholstery and all those hard to reach areas to worry about.

Having taken the pains to remind us all of how important a task car cleaning is, we’d now like to talk about the High-Pressure Car Cleaning Gun, a tool that promises to make car cleaning so easy and rewarding that folks might just take to describing it as more of a hobby than a chore. As its name implies, it makes use of pneumatic technology i.e. it releases compressed air at a high pressure to blast away dust and dirt from any surface the nozzle is directed onto. This should be cheering news for folks looking to get ‘showroom-clean’ vehicles as this means that all those nooks and crevices will no longer be left out.

In addition to this, it:

  • Has a water outlet that sprays foam at high pressure onto surfaces
  • Is easy to use and safe on car upholstery of any material
  • Is made with rust-resistant material
  • Is portable and comes with a brush for scrubbing
  • Requires air compressors

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