Portable Leak-Proof Travel Bottles

Maintaining good personal hygiene practices is something a lot of people invest time and money into. Deliberately and subconsciously, people make choices that not only show they want healthier lives but also make others aware of this. For instance, taking baths and applying creams and lotions is a deliberate choice for wellness. Another is hand washing; a practice that many have adopted and even perform on autopilot. It’s a good idea to adopt such practices and an even better idea to be consistent with them but that might just be a problem for people with careers and lifestyles that put them constantly on the go. This is because taking all the bulky, and perhaps fragile, jars and bottles of soaps, lotions, gels and so on that make up their personal hygiene regimen with them can be quite a hassle. This is where the product of the moment comes in.

These Portable Leak-Proof Travel Bottles come as a set of 4 pastel-coloured, 8.5 centimeter by 3.4 centimeter, ABS plastic containers. They’ve been designed in such a way that they’re not fragile but can withstand drops and take hits without breaking. This means that one doesn’t have to place ‘fragile content’ stickers all over one’s bag or luggage. The small size makes them easy to pack into a purse, handbag and any other small luggage and they are easily refilled. Remember we talked about colour? Well there’s more to that and that’s the fact that each of the four bottles has a different colour so that it’s easy to quickly tell which bottle contains what.

We think these personal hygiene and skin care solutions are not just for people who travel often but for kids at school, laboratory and restaurant workers who often wash their hands and more.

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