Anti Spill Funnel for Pots and Pans

Has anyone ever tried to transfer hot oil from a frying pan into a container with a smaller rim? We can guess from your experience, it isn’t something that you’d advice anyone to do when they’re distracted, is it? It’s actually not rocket science but it’s definitely a task you would want to pay close attention to, unless you’d like to experience one degree of burn or the other – we believe that isn’t the case though. Let’s leave this somber talk of burns and what not behind as we introduce the product of the moment: the Anti Spill Funnel for Pots and Pans.

This funnel makes it easy for anyone to turn liquids such as waters, soup, stews, gravies and oils from pots and pans into bowls, plates, bottles and other containers. Just imagine the convenience! No more feeling like one’s trying to pull off some complicated or complex moves when it’s time to turn the broth out of the pot and into some bowls. We haven’t even talked about how this funnel will not only prevent waste but save resources for its user. When the Anti Spill Funnel is attached to a pot, pan or similar kitchen utensil, it’ll guide whatever is being poured out into the receiving container, eliminating waste. What’s more, it made with food-grade silicone and is designed to withstand high temperatures so it doesn’t melt and It’s easy to use.

How is this little guy supposed to bring you profit? In the following ways:

  • It’s a lightweight product which translates to less expense on shipping
  • It’s a useful everyday kitchen tool
  • Attaches to different pots and pans
  • Makes for great souvenirs for party guests
  • Can be sold singly or in packs to maximize profit

You can find it at:

For stores on

Minimum order quantity: 1000
Price in Yuan: 2.10
Price in Naira: 115.50
Weight: 40g

Minimum order quantity: 2
Price in Yuan: 2.50
Price in Naira: 137.50
Weight: 40g

For stores on

Price in Yuan: 8.23
Price in Naira: 452.65
Weight: NA

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