3D Compression Knee Brace

When you become a member of the fit fam (we mean those who are committed and dedicated to the whole thing, like the real deal, hard core members), you’re one for life and nothing, not even, injuries or age can revoke your membership. The most any one of those conditions will do is slow you down a bit or make you redesign your regime – but drop the whole thing completely? Naaah. However, seeing as there no gain without some pain, we can’t deny that injuries and soreness are part and parcel of the package – a fact that athletes and fitness enthusiasts know very well – having tools like this 3D Compression Knee Brace makes life easier.

Made with uniquely spun combination of nylon and spandex, it features a 3D weave that ensures wearers get the best fit and a 360-degree protection for their knees. Thanks to this technology, this knee brace doesn’t just stretch sideways, it also stretches upwards and downwards, something anyone who knows their knee braces will tell you makes for a comfortable experience.

Now, it’s not just fitness enthusiasts and athletes alone who need this knee brace. People who are suffering from arthritis also stand to gain from this as it not only provides a much needed support for the muscles of the knees, it also provides compression in just the right amount that promotes recovery of muscles and helps prevent further injury. Let’s not forget about its elastic bandage strap which not only provides extra support but makes it possible for the user to put extra pressure wherever they want it, neat, right? We also like that:

  • It’s breathable
  • It’s easy to use
  • It enhances circulation and muscle performance
  • It promotes healing of arthritis, tendonitis and discomfort in general
  • It’s available in different colors

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