Plate and Cutlery Organizer with Cover

Stacking and organizing dishes is one way to ensure that a kitchen space is as inviting as can be. It’s also important if you want to keep plates, bowls and cups crack and chip free. It’s also great way to reduce the chances of precious dinnerware breaking. So, in keeping with our modus here at Spreadit Finder, we’ve brought you a product that’ll help people, in their hundreds of thousands, achieve all these and it’s this adorable yet functional Plate and Cutlery Organizer with Cover.

Let’s dissect this plate rack a bit, shall we? We’ll start with its transparent cover. This transparent top provides utensils and cutleries stored within protection from flying insects, dust, steam and all the other stuff that floats around a kitchen’s atmospheric space. The transparency of the cover makes identifying the racks contents at a glance. The lid has hinges and can also be detached from the rest of the rack. Next is the outer case, the colorful part of the rack. It conceals the content of the rack and protects them from crawling insects, dust and stuff like that. It also prevents the plates from falling off the rack and makes it easy to lift and move around.

Now, we go to the inner rack, the part that holds all the stuff plate racks are designed to hold. It’s arranged into of partitioned into separate holding areas for different categories of utensil. This means that spoons, forks and knives have their own space while plates and bowls have theirs. However, this product comes with 3 styles of inner racks, take note of this when choosing your organizer. In addition to all these, it:

  • Has a removable water tray at its base
  • Is durable and long lasting
  • Is easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble
  • Is beautiful with curves in all the right places
  • Is available in different colors

You’re to check it out at any of these stores:

Minimum order quantity: 2
Price in Yuan: 27.90
Price in Naira: 1534.50
Weight: NA

Minimum order quantity: 2
Price in Yuan: 30.90
Price in naira: 1699.50
Weight: NA

For a similar product on Aliexpress:

Price: $ 17.50
Price in Yuan: 122.50
Price in Naira: 6335.00

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