Pet Poop Scooper

A lot of people find the idea of owning pets quite inviting but are turned off by the prospect of having to clean up after them – and we honestly do not hold that against them as it would be unfair to both dog and owner to live in the unhealthy environment that would result from forcing it. Some other folks, however, are completely unfazed by all the responsibilities that come with being pet owners and will readily increase the number of canines, felines and all other species in their care, including cleaning up their poop. The Pet Stool Picker was created to remove the unattractiveness of poop cleaning while adding some novelty to the process.

It’s made with high quality plastic that ensures a long life span of daily poop collecting service. The non-stick quality of the plastic used means that poop will not stick to the picker and that cleaning it will be a breeze. The tension springs that control the opening and closing of the scooper’s jaws are made of high quality steel for durability and offer nice, tight feel to the user. The scooper’s jaws are serrated and close completely so that pet owners are able to pick or scoop waste from any surface – whether it’s concrete, grass, gravel or sand. It also reduces the chance of the poop dropping back to the ground. We also like that the bucket (the area that holds the poop) is roomy enough to accommodate waste of any quantity of waste. What’s more:

  • It’s available in different lengths, from 10 inches to 26 inches; so that bending isn’t a necessity any longer
  • The handles are ergonomically designed for users’ comfort
  • It’s lightweight, easy to clean and store
  • It’s available in different colour options

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