Reflective Harness for Dogs

It’s a generally accepted fact that dogs are man’s best friends and this relationship has inspired stories like White Fang and 101 Dalmatians; as a matter of fact, there’s even a scientific name for this whole thing and it’s called human-canine bonding. We know that there is an increasing number of pet owners who’d like to give their canine friends the best and would love to be seen as doing that which is why we’re introducing this Reflective Harness for Dogs.

 Dog walking is an activity that benefits not only our furry canine friends but the humans walking them as well. While it can be done without leashes for well-trained dogs with experienced owners, it’s often better done with one and doing it with a harness offers more benefits to the dog than doing it with a collar. For starters, a harness better distributes the pressure that results from tugging on a leash. It also poses a lesser risk of injury to smaller dogs than a walking them with a collared leash does. In other words, it’s more comfortable for a dog to be walked with a harness than a collar – and it’s also more stylish too.

This harness is padded for the dog’s comfort and its leash is thick, strong and well made so that it doesn’t fray or break for a long time. It also means that it won’t suddenly break when the dog pulls on it. In addition to these, it’s also:

  • Lightweight for dog’s comfort and your higher profit margins
  • A reflective harness that makes it easier to spot the dogs at night
  • Available in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large sizes
  • Available in different colours

You can order now:

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Weight: 95g

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Weight: 100g

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Weight: 100g

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