Baby Nasal Aspirator

Everyone comes with a common cold or flu every once in a while but one would think that the viruses responsible for these discomforts would show a little compassion or consideration for babies. One would expect that any self-respecting flu virus will consider the fact that our babies haven’t littered the environment neither have they contributed to green house emissions or done anything damaging and thus stay away from them; but do they? No. Hmm, all this ranting isn’t going to help our babies get more comfortable when they’re fighting a cold but this Baby Nasal Aspirator will.

This thoughtfully created device was designed to give babies relief from nasal blockages that often accompany colds, flu and allergies. Mums know that babies develop their own routines as they grow; they nap at certain times of the day and for a certain number of hours, they feed at certain times of the day and for given periods of time – mums, you know what we’re talking about don’t you? Now, when babies catch a cold it interferes with these routines, making babies to become fussy and uncomfortable. Using a nasal aspirator is one way doctors advice mums to help their babies feel better as it gently sucks out the mucus, leaving their nasal passage free of blockages.

This aspirator features designs that are baby friendly and was made with premium quality materials that are safe for babies. For starters, it has a soft nasal tip that’s made with food-grade organic silicon that’s also odourless and zero chances of irritating babies’ tender skin. It’s also:

  • Adjustable with 3 suction levels
  • Easy to use and sucks away mucus at the push of a button
  • Detachable, easy to clean and reassemble
  • Lightweight and portable
  • comes with a manual

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Minimum order quantity: 3

Price in Yuan: 35.00

Price in Naira: 1925.00

Weight: 100g

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