Posture Correcting Back Brace

Most of us may remember being told by our parents or teachers to stand or sit up straight and stop slouching. Well, it turns out that they weren’t just looking for an excuse to be on our cases, they actually meant well, as many of us have come to realize. Good posture has a truck load of benefits but we find that it’s easier to slouch – after all, old habits die hard – and seemingly more comfortable, and for a while it actually is, until the resulting tissue and muscle injuries set in. The truth is that no one deliberately sets out to adopt bad postures; but every day, we find ourselves in situations that teach our muscles to slouch; situations such as prolonged sitting and the use of poorly constructed furniture and fittings.

The Posture Correcting Back Brace is a tried and true way of correcting bad posture and solving the problems that often come with; problems like back pains, kyphosis, lordosis and osteoarthritis. By correcting posture, it: helps the wearer to enjoy such benefits as improved confidence, reduces wearing of joint surfaces, contributes to an overall good appearance and feeling of wellbeing. The posture corrector works by pulling the shoulders back and firmly supporting the lumbar, providing a resistance to slumping or slouching.

It’s made with breathable material that doesn’t constitute a discomfort to the wearer. It’s also padded for comfort and the edges are sewn in a way that prevents it from digging into and hurting the skin. In addition to these, it:

  • Can be worn under clothing, at work, home, school etc.
  • Is lightweight and of different sizes
  • Is adjustable for a proper fit
  • Is available as a brace for the upper and lower back or the upper back alone

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