Ionic Filtration Shower Head

Shower time just got richer, more relaxing and rewarding. The Ionic Filtration Shower Head has been causing a lot of stir online in recent times and trust us when we say that it’s all for good reasons. This shower head recently joined a host of shower heads on the market but thanks to its many special features, it has been able to make itself a much loved item in many bathrooms. With this shower head, bath time becomes more than a regular activity, instead, it’s much more like a spa treatment.

So what are these “many special features”? You did notice the pretty beads within this shower head, didn’t you? Well, those tiny guys are not decorative. They’re actually mineral balls that filter out impurities like chlorine and lime scale from the water, purifying and softening it so that the skin is left feeling suppler, softer and smoother than it would from regular showers. The balls are basically of two types: the infrared mineral balls (the brown ones) and the anion mineral balls (the gray ones). They both work together to purify the water and promote better skin.

Next, we have the sturdily constructed body made with polycarbonate. This is a material that is popular for its robustness, impact resistance and transparency; so you can trust that this shower head can take the heat and pressure that comes with its job. Talking about pressure, this baby’s is quite high and can double speed of water flow while saving the quantity of water used with its cleverly distributed tiny spray holes. On some models, you get to choose between rain, massage and jet spray settings. These shower heads are available in small and large sizes and are sold alone or with the hose and a stand.

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