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In the today’s world where every kind of interaction takes place on the internet, it can be frustrating to work with a slow, unstable and unreliable network. Not only does it take the joy that comes with the instantaneous nature of the internet out of a user’s experience, it also makes working, playing games, streaming video and audio content quite annoying. Another aspect of this problem is when there isn’t any connectivity at all in some parts of our homes and offices due to the fact that our routers’ signals do not reach those areas. This makes it impossible to work in anywhere but the areas that receive signals and many times, this inflexibility can seriously cramp our style.

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The introduction of Wifi Boosters into the market means we can now wave goodbye to these experiences. These devices work with our existing router signals to create a broader network coverage which is faster and stronger than what we originally got with the routers alone. They’re also called Wifi repeaters, Wifi extenders and Wifi amplifiers. What this translates to is a greater flexibility as we will now be able to access good signals from anywhere in the building and even outside it. It also equals elimination of dead zones i.e. areas where there aren’t any internet signals at all.

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Who will want these devices? The market for these Signal amplifying babies include companies that rely heavily on the internet (which, honestly, includes over 90% of businesses), households with internet consumption (which includes practically every urban household), institutions of learning and more. In addition to all these, they:

  • Offer wireless to wireless connections and wired to wireless connections
  • Are secured with WPS encryptions
  • Are small and lightweight
  • Are Easy to set up and use
  • Are durably constructed

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