Selfie Tripod

Selfie photography just got on a whole new level with the Selfie Tripod Stand, which allows you to take perfect shots and make fun videos that will last a lifetime. With features such as the Fill Lighting which has 3 different light modes; white-warm, yellow-warm and yellow-white, the brightness can be adjusted to give the right contrast and the best tone for your photo shoots. The light ring is USB powered, meaning that it can be powered by power banks and other devices.

Not only that, this product can also serve different purposes. For instance, it can serve as a makeup lamp, illuminating the dark and taking away unflattering shadows. This way, anyone can achieve professional level shots in makeup artistry, take multi-angle shots, make superb quality videos and do live broadcasts. What’s more, the lighting setup it gives is one of the best combinations of high quality and affordability on the market.

This gadget also comes with multi phone holders, which makes it easy for anyone to make videos or stream on different platforms (like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc.) and at the same time showing different angles that best suits your taste. It’s compatible with most mobile phones be it on a horizontal or vertical level.

The tripod stand can be adjusted to various lengths, just lock it at your desired length for your preferred use. It can stand on the floor or be put on a table depending on your taste or based on your own convenience. The tripod stand is made from aluminum alloy making it strong and durable; it’s also lightweight, portable, and available in different colors. It comes with a black carrying bag as well.

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