Spirulina Eye Mask

There are a lot of things our bodies do that most – if not all – of us would rather not have them do; like showing outward signs of fatigue and aging for instance. However, such things are part of the circle of life (mhm, we just couldn’t resist the chance to use the popular Lion King reference here) and there’s no escaping them, or is there? Well, thanks to nature’s very many beauty secrets there are a number of ways to do that, and this Spirulina Eye Mask is one of them. You see the skin around our eyes tend to get puffy, inflamed, wrinkled and discoloured for a number of reasons that include fatigue, allergy and aging; using this product ensures that your skin gets all the benefits of the super food called Spirulina.

It’s actually a water algae that research has proven to be rich in proteins, B vitamins, minerals and more. It has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it great at reducing swellings – such as is seen in puffiness. These eye masks are prepared and packed in such a way that they’re pregnant (sort of) and moist with the Spirulina essence so that it produces a cooling effect on the skin. Excited users even reported storing the jar in the refrigerator to increase its cooling effect on their skins. Each jar contains a total of 60 pads which should last for about a month if one were to use a pad for each eye, every night. In addition to reducing swellings, it soothes, firms and tightens the skin. It also fades dark circles and can be used on other parts of the face. Other benefits of Spirulina include:

  • Antioxidant and anti-cancer properties: fights free radicals
  • Promotes increased blood circulation
  • Promotes renewal of cells

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