3-Piece HSS Drill Bits

From industrial to D-I-Y projects, a lot of hole-drilling goes on everyday that it’d surprise you to know just how often it happens; and unless you’re actively involved in any of these projects you wouldn’t think about how important owning a good set of drill bits is to the success of your work or business. A good drill bit is one that is sharp, offering the most universal fit with drill presses and hand –held drills, durably constructed to last long and offers the most cutting depths and diameters. We’re glad to announce that with this 3-Piece HSS Drill Bits you can get all that and more.

HSS stands for High Speed Steel, a strong, wear resistant type of steel that is favored by manufacturers for drill bit making because of these qualities and its affordability. It’s able to deliver sharp cuttings, cut through a variety of materials (e.g. sheet metal, steel, wood, PVC, plastic etc) and comes at pocket friendly prices. The drill bits under discussion in this post feature a titanium coating or plating that makes them more resistant to the damaging effects of friction and heat so that they last longer. Let’s not forget to note that the titanium coating give them a more attractive appearance and the fact that they come with a nice blue carrying pouch to store and keep them organized.

This set includes a 5-step (4-12 millimeter diameter), a 9-step (4-20mm diameter) and a 15-step (4-32mm diameter) bit. This affords its owner the convenience to create holes of different depths and widths; a fact that means that they can undertake many different home improvement or commercial scale projects.

Make some carpenters, plumbers, metal workers, artisans and home owners happy by ordering this bit from:

Minimum order quantity: 1 piece
Price in Yuan: 4.50/pc – 25.50/set
Price in Naira: 247.50/pc – 1402.50/set
Weight: 0.3kg/set

Minimum order quantity: 1 piece
Price in Yuan: 3.80/pc – 23.50/set
Price in Naira: 209.00/pc – 1292.50/set
Weight: 0.5kg/set

Minimum order quantity: 1 piece
Price in Yuan: 5.76/pc – 28.80/set
Price in Naira: 316.80/pc – 1584.00/set
Weight: NA

On Aliexpress:

Price: $ 9.45/set
Price in Yuan: 66.15/set
Price in Naira: 3420.90/set

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