Mistine 4D Mascara

4D mascara is the way to go for women who’d love to rock fuller and thicker lashes but would rather not go through the time consuming process (or are just plain skeptical) of using eyelash strips, individual extension lashes or even the quick fix magnetic lash extensions. It is designed with tiny rayon, keratin or nylon fibers that adhere to our natural lashes, giving them more length and volume. The Mistine 4D Mascara features a dual-end container with eyelash primer in one end and mascara in the other.

This makes it easier for women to get those beautifully long and full lashes that one sees on TV and magazines without any extra fuss or carrying an extra bottle of makeup around. Makeup primer preps lashes for mascara by making the easier to coat with mascara, providing the extra fibres, separating the lashes and preventing clumping. However, one has to quickly apply mascara over the primer as a delay could mean that the primer dries out and makes it difficult for the mascara to be correctly applied. This reason is why we love the fact that the Mistine 4D Mascara comes with both primer and mascara in one bottle. This way, one can quickly apply primer and mascara with a pro’s touch and be photo-studio-ready in seconds.

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The fibres are ultra light and when paired with the carbon black mascara, using the included wand with its evenly spaced bristles, the Mistin Mascara promises to increase lash length by 400%.  The wand has up to 300 bristles which means that the product will be effectively distributed over eyelashes. Moreover, the mascara is quick drying so that you’re ready and out in a snap and it’s also easy to wash off.

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