Portable Mini Powerbank

Get powered up easily with the new Portable Mini Powerbank and experience fast charging on the move. With a high battery capacity (up to 10,000mAh), dual ports ( for charging multiple devices), LED lights which can serve as a means of illumination in the dark. Moreover, this description won’t be complete if we don’t mention the Powerbank’s sleek and elegant design.

迷你充电宝超薄全面屏10000毫安移动电源 可定制礼品LOGO厂家直销

The Portable Powerbank fits easily into any pocket or bag which makes it the perfect choice. This product can be used when walking, on the couch, on a plane or anywhere else your device needs a power boost. One can safely say this product is smaller than a deck of cards and is as light as a baseball, but what’s most amazing is the fact that on a single charge, this itty bitty Powerbank can charge a phone over three times – yes you heard correctly – and can also give a tablet a full charge.

Apart from these, it’s outstanding display feature shows the exact capacity of the battery and stand by time, instead of the regular blinking lights. It also has a unique 3 amps dual output port which enables you to power multiple devices simultaneously on the go; not only that, it can be quickly recharged, reducing charging time up to 50 percent.

Equipped with built-in LED flashlights for dark or dimly lit environments, it is very useful because it can serve as means of illumination during black outs. Just double click the power button and the flashlight automatically goes off or on.

Built with strong aluminum alloy housing, this Powerbank is said to be quite impact resistant and durable; with its glossy and sleek design, you can find this bad boy in colors black, red, blue, pearl and white.

Feel free to check them out at and place orders at:

Minimum order quantity: 2
Price in Yuan: 22.00
Price in Naira: 1210.00
Weight: 0.19kg

Minimum order quantity: 2
Price in Yuan: 30.00
Price in Naira: 1650.00
Weight: 0.3kg

Minimum order quantity: 2
Price in Yuan: 32.90
Price in Naira: 2632.00
Weight: 0.26

On Aliexpress:

Price $: 24.00
Price in Yuan: 168.00
Price in Naira: 8688.00
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  1. Hi. Assuming I want to buy about 10 of these from the supplier with the cheapest price, what will the total landing cost be please?

    • Hello Nkem,
      Based on the information on the post, the least expensive one costs 22Yuan. According to our ELC calculator, the estimated total landing cost would be $11.06.

  2. Hi,

    The 2nd item (30 Yuan, 0.3kg) is quoted as having a 10,000mah battery but the seller in the link lists it as 20,000mah on 1688.com.

    Is this a Google translate error?

    • Hello Chidubem,
      Please wherever there’s a difference between our description and the seller’s, use the seller’s. This is because a seller may have updated their product description. Hope this helps.
      Thank you!

    • Hello Ademola,
      The seller you referred to sells these 0.3kg powerbanks at 30.00 Yuan per piece. And the minimum order quantity is 2. Therefore the estimated landing cost will be $16.49 (NGN 8,245.00). Hope this helps.


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