Automatic Umbrella

Stay dry, look fashionable and show off your tech savvy with the Automatic Umbrella and its single button that opens and closes the umbrella quickly. A professionally designed product, this Umbrella is the perfect combination of smart tech and minimalism – as seen in its automated open and close feature and simple design. It’s a great item for professionals, students and style conscious individuals who want to make a statement, even on a rainy day.

Automatic umbrella self-closing three-fold umbrella sunny umbrella folding umbrella sun umbrella sun umbrella advertising wholesale one generation

Let’s take a closer look at its features, shall we? First, this Umbrella offers plenty protection – large enough to shelter two persons – from a downpour. When folded the length makes it easy to carry. It comes with an attached elastic wrist strap which makes it a lot easier to keep a hold on your Umbrella and an anti-slip grip that reduces hand and wrist fatigue when you hold the Umbrella for a long time. The stylish Sliver and clear acrylic handle is perfectly designed to fit comfortably in your hands, the umbrella also features a storage sleeve that matches the Umbrella’s pattern.

The Umbrella is made from high density water repellent fabric, which means the canopy keeps you dry and makes it easy to shake off raindrops. The Umbrella’s frame is made from stainless steel; the fibre glass rods and tips make it durable and flexible so that it’s able to withstand high winds and also prevent the Umbrella from flipping inside out.

Moreover, the umbrella is also:

  • Lightweight and compact, easily fitting in handbags, backpacks and hand luggage
  • A great souvenir and gift idea
  • Quick-drying and available in different colours

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