Cleaning Gel

A cleaning Gel, yeah you heard right, might be a novel concept to many of us but trust us when we say that for the tasks it’s been designed to do, it’s way better than your regular cleaning brush. This Gel can remove little crumbs, dust, specks and also clean small spaces which we all know can be hard to clean – after all, there’s a reason they’re often described as hard to reach areas. This Cleaning Gel gives an excellent clean on surfaces, corners and tight spaces; examples are keyboards, PC case, monitors, motherboards, piano keys, dashboard vents, CD slots, cup holders, keyholes, USB ports and even telephone buttons.

Unlike your regular cleaning equipment that you dispose after a single use (like wipes) or have to wash after use (like rags), each Cleaning Gel can be reused .i.e. can be used over and over again until it becomes nontransparent blob. This makes it an inexpensive cleaner and the fact that it absorbs dirt from different surfaces means you get more value for at an affordable price. What’s more, there’s no washing or drying required; just place it on the surface you want to clean, it absorbs the dirt and you’re done. To get the most out of your gel, it’s best to store in a cool/dry place after each use.

In addition to all these, the Gel is biodegradable and 100% environmental friendly. It’s non sticky, smells nice, nonirritant and comes in mint, strawberry, lemon and other fragrance options. This is a lightweight product which makes it great for mini importation and when one considers that there are millions of cars with dashboards, computers with keyboards and countless other stuff like that that need cleaning, one would realize that this Cleaning Gel makes for good business.

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