Quick-Fold Baby Stroller

Who’s ready to be the parent of the coolest baby around? Yeah, with this swanky ride, you and your little one are sure to turn heads as you stroll around town, walk along aisles in shopping stores, walk through airports and train stations and have a fun day in the park. Guess what! Good looks isn’t all there is to this stroller; it also has a quick-fold feature that makes it easy for mum or dad to easily fold it into a compact piece and open it all the way up at the press of a button – neat, right? We think so too.

We also like how its backrest can be set at 100 to 170 degree angles which allows your baby to stay in sitting and reclined positions where she gets to enjoy the view of the world around her or you can put her in a flat position, on her back, when it’s nap time. The stroller is designed to securely hold the baby, thanks to its 5-point buckle that straps the baby in from all sides. There’s also a foot rest for your baby’s added comfort.  It also has basket underneath for holding bags, bottles and stuff like that.

Another note worthy feature is its lightness and compactness which allows the stroller to be treated as carry-on or hand luggage by airlines. You know what this means, right? It means you get to casually – if you’re not in a hurry – push your stroller all the way to the terminal and just take Junior out, hold him in one hand while you use the other to transform your stroller into smaller, overhead bin appropriate luggage. We haven’t even talked about its wheels that rotate 3600 and its brakes that keep it from rolling off; there’s just so much to enjoy with the Quick-fold stroller.

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Minimum order quantity: 3
Price in Yuan: 215.00
Price in Naira: 11,825.00
Weight: 7.0kg


Minimum order quantity: 3
Price in Yuan: 235.00
Price in Naira: 18,800.00
Weight: 6.0kg


Minimum order quantity: 3
Price in Yuan: 360.00
Price in Naira: 28,800.00
Weight: 6.8kg

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Price in $: 79.04
Price in Yuan: 553.28
Price in Naira: 28612.48

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