Mosquito Repellent Clips

Mosquitoes know how to get your attention. If they aren’t flying over your head in their numbers and sticking their proboscises into whatever part of your body they feel like while you’re out in your patio, balcony or yard enjoying the evening breeze, they’ll be flying around your room, performing their own, albeit unwanted, version of a musical concert while you’re trying to sleep; yes, there’s no ignoring those bloodsuckers. Now, since it’s near impossible to ignore the pesky bugs, how about getting them to ignore us? It’s a situation that’s actually possible thanks to these Mosquito Repellent Clips.

You’ll notice that they’re basically marketed as child care products but they can be used by adults too. You see, the ingredients used in the formulation of the repellent are natural and safe as well as the mode by which they’re dispensed. These factors, combined, make it a great repellent for babies and kids whose young bodies shouldn’t be exposed to the harmful insecticides that are often found in many mosquito repellents on the market. What are these ingredients, you might wonder? Citronella oil is a major one and it can be gotten from lemon grass, a very popular plant. Citronella oil is effective as a repellent because it masks the smells we give off that make it possible for mosquitoes to track us. What this means is that while your babies are wearing this clip, mosquitoes are going to just fly past them instead of stopping by for refreshments.

Other reasons we like these clips include the fact that they’re easy to use: just clip them onto your clothes or any item on your body and you’re good to go. We also like that they last long, provided you put them in the Ziploc bags they come in whenever they’re not in use. For more coverage, use more clips; it’s a good thing they’re not expensive.

Minimum order quantity: 500,000
Price in Yuan: 0.65
Price in Naira: 35.75
Weight: 0.015kg

Minimum order quantity: 100
Price in Yuan: 1.75
Price in Naira: 96.25
Weight: 0.012kg

Minimum order quantity: 5000
Price in Yuan: 1.45
Price in Naira: 79.75
Weight: 6kg/carton

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    • Hello Samson,
      We’re assuming you’re looking at the second seller. If that’s the case, the estimated landing cost for 100 pieces of these Mosquito Repellent Clips is ₦74,308.75.
      We hope this helps.
      Thank you!

    • Hello Blessing,
      If you’re referring to the second store, it would cost an estimated amount of $43.38 (NGN 21,690.00). This is the estimated amount it would cost to ship that quantity to our Lagos office. And it’s based on the given weight of 0.012kg/piece and price of 1.75 Yuan per piece. To ship to Yenagoa, you’d have to arrange that with us via email or calls.
      Hope this helps .


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