Wireless Lost Item Finder

How many times have you wished your keys, purse or wallet had a phone number you could just dial whenever they decide to play hide and seek with you? Countless times, right? You’re not alone as we’ve been down that road a number of times ourselves which is why we’re sure that the Wireless Lost Item Finder will be a hit with the millions of people who get that thought in their heads every day. This product comes as transmitter-receiver package. The transmitter is the largest of the items in the package. It has buttons which can be color-coded, lettered or numbered, depending on the manufacturer’s design. The receivers are the smaller blocks or tiles usually with the same dimensions. Each one has a color, alphabet or number that corresponds to a button on the transmitter.

So, how do these little guys work? When a button on the transmitter is pushed, it emits RF (radio frequency) signals that cause the corresponding receiver to beep, alerting you to its location. What this means for the user: finding lost things around and outside the house just got easier.  All they have to do is stick the receiver, using the included adhesives – to their wallets, phones, remote controls etc or use the included key rings to attach them to keys, bags and stuff like that and then press the button on the transmitter to locate the items.

For many who’re already wondering what happens when, not if, they lose the transmitter, we’ve got good news: the transmitter comes with a base. This base is small and will not take up space on your nightstand, kitchen counter or centre table. It can also be mounted on a wall. What’s more, they come with long lasting batteries, are lightweight and beep loudly.

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