Mini Kitchen Scale

The Mini Kitchen Scale will simplify the way you prepare your meals. It is the perfect choice for measuring ingredients, whether you are a professional chef or you’re just cooking dinner at home. The scale can weigh items up to 5000 grams and give you precise measurements. It features a detachable bowl that makes it easier to portion, mix and measure ingredients quickly; it basically takes away all the guesswork and approximation. What’s more, the scale’s two-buttoned operation makes it easy to use.

The Mini Kitchen Scale features a strain gauge sensor, a highly precise and accurate measurement tech favored by manufacturers today. With its sealed control panel and rounded design, this kitchen scale is easy to keep clean and durable. It also features a tare function which allows you to weigh smaller ingredients and liquids inside the bowl without weighing the bowl itself. You can also use the bowl to mix both wet and dry ingredients for batter, dip and dressings. The scale can also identify the density between water and milk so you know exactly how much of your ingredients you are using.

This kitchen scale is battery powered; it runs on 2 AAA batteries. It’s easy to maintain and store; just clean with a towel, remove the bowl, wash or rinse it out and flip it on top of the scale to save space in your kitchen cabinet or drawer. Its clear LCD display ensures measurements can be read at a glance and its non-slip feet hold it in place, preventing accidental spills. In addition to all these, it has a power-saving feature that makes it automatically switch off when it’s not in use. It’s a lightweight product that’ll no doubt be popular in kitchens for cooking and even DIY beauty creams, oils and soap making.

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