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The 3D printed quarantine wards are installed in a hospital in Xianning, Hubei province on Wednesday. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

You know what? Manufacturing processes and technology have come a very long way since the Industrial revolution. A lot of these processes used to require heavy machinery (most of which required a lot of manpower) and took a lot of time but that’s not the case today. For instance, did you know that 3D-printed quarantine wards, personal protection equipment (PPE) and some other medical equipment/supplies have been playing important roles in the ongoing global fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)? Well, if you didn’t, now you do. All of these things – including the 10-square-meters quarantine wards – were created in a matter of hours and are proving to be just as useful and durable as their conventionally manufactured counterparts. Now let’s get back to our post because we’re about to show you how to bring some of this 3D printing magic to your life with the 3D Printing Pen.

This device can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone: young or old, amateur or pro, artist or technician. It packs all the fun and functionality of 3D printing into a small, easy-to-use and handle package. With this Pen, you can watch your ideas come alive as you’ll be able to not just look at them but you’ll get to hold, feel and experience a 3-dimensional rendition of your work. This way you’ll have better feedback and insight to work with.

As a play tool for kids, it’ll give them an avenue to better express themselves, to better communicate their fantasies and imaginations to you. We’ve already told you that using the pen is easy as pie so you don’t have to wonder about how they’ll get a hang of it. To use the 3D pen, all anyone has to do is feed the filaments (the thin plastic strips included in the package) into the filament input hole at the base of the pen, press the power button on the side of the pen and create layer upon layer of strokes and curves with the melted plastic that is pushed out through the pen’s nozzle or tip. In this way, anyone can literally build castles in the air.

Other interesting features of the 3D printing pen include:

  • A power adapter to power the pen as it requires electricity to run.
  • It also comes with a pack of filaments in different colours to get you started
  • The temperature of the heating coil within the pen can be adjusted
  • The printing speed is adjustable as well
  • It has an LCD display screen which shows temperature and filament type
  • It’s made with safe materials and good construction

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