LED Light Strips

This innovative and unobtrusive lighting solution is the latest in interior decorating. And it’s easy to understand why when you consider the fact that they are easy to install, discrete and come in different lengths and colours. What’s more, they’re available in all the budget ranges you can think of. LED light strips can be attached any smooth surface and in just about anywhere in your house. Each strip has an adhesive side with which it can be easily yet firmly fastened to cabinets, beds, ceilings, walls, railings, staircases etc.

LED light strips give off a warm, cosy glow that make a space extra welcoming, and even magical. They are sold in single-colour and multiple-colour (aka RBG strips) options. The most common single colour strip light options are white/cool and warm. On the other hand, we have the RBG strips or the multiple-colour options which often feature red, green, yellow and blue lights – kind of the colours on light strips for Christmas decorations. They even blink on and off like their festive counterparts.

Each strip contains LED bulbs that are arranged in series to ensure an effective distribution of energy. This brings us to the subject of energy consumption. These colourful babies are impressively energy efficient which also means that they do not give off as much heat as other types of bulbs. Depending on the manufacturer or seller, they can be sold in reels with different lengths of strips. Do check the seller’s description tab for details.

Now here’s a list of sellers you can check out for your LED strip lights:

Minimum order quantity: 2
Price in Yuan: 29.60
Price in Naira: 2368.00
Weight: NA

Minimum order quantity: 100
Price in Yuan: 13.99
Price in Naira: 1119.20
Weight: 40g

Minimum order quantity: 5
Price in Yuan: 18.86
Price in Naira: 1508.80
Weight: NA

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