Ionic Hair Dryer

Hair care has certainly come a long way. Throughout history, womankind has gone through so much to get the perfect head of hair. That effort has birthed a lot of styles, hair products and appliances and it’s easy to get thrown off balance in the search for what works for your hair. One of such appliances is a hair dryer. A hair dryer helps women reduce the time spent waiting for their hair to dry after it’s washed. However, studies have shown that prolonged and repeated exposure to the heat from hair dryers can actually damage hair. So, you can understand our excitement when we discovered a solution to this problem in Ionic hair dryers.

Ionic hair dryers make use of ionic charges to dry hair; unlike the regular dryers that employ dry heat. How does this ionic drying work? You see, every thing you see is made up of ions. When those ions breakdown or combine differently a new substance is form. Hair contains both negative and positive charges. Ionic dryers emit negative ions that breaks down water molecule in wet hair into smaller particles that evaporate quickly. What’s more, it seals the hair cuticles so that your hair retains moisture better, making it healthier and shinier.

These hair dryers also dry hair faster than regular dryers and they help your hair by making it better at retaining products like conditioners, serums and so on. Ionic hair dryers are easy to use, lightweight and quiet. Some manufactures may add more features to their ionic dryers than others but basically, they have adjustable speeds and hot and cold air options.

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