Tire Foam Cleaner

Have you ever wondered about the difference between clean and sparkling clean? No? We hadn’t too; not until we saw what the tire foam cleaner could do. This tire cleaning agents will leave your tire so clean and so shiny that folks would have to wear anti-glare shades to view them. Okay, that’s an exaggeration but can you blame us? Perhaps when you see why we’re so hyped about this product you’d exaggerate with us. Now, let’s see what makes the tire foam cleaner so awesome.

The tire foam cleaner does more than your regular car wash liquid or detergent. Not only does it remove the mud, dirt and road grime on your wheels, it also conceals cracks, improving your tires’ overall appearance. In addition to these, it leaves a protective buffer between the tire’s surface and harmful elements like UV rays and debris that that lead to the formation of cracks. The result is a clean tire that sparkles with an almost gloss-like finish. Tire foam cleaners are able to do this because they usually contain rubber conditioners, sealants and protectants.

Another note-worthy thing about tire cleaners is the ease with which they’re used. There’s no washing required before or after using the cleaner. Just spray the cleaner on the tires and leave it to dry and you’ll get sparkling-clean tires, The result is like magic. Your tires will be so satiny-black that it’ll look nothing like it was before cleaning. What’s more, its effects on your tires can last for as long as 2 weeks. Just think of all the car wash businesses that would appreciate this product!

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