Kids’ Brick & Slide Ball Course Toy

Imagination is a powerful thing. It’s the one place where ideas are born, dreams come alive and the future designed. So it’s only important that your kids get the chance to live out their imagination as often as possible. And getting them the best toys is a great way to help them achieve that. In this post, we’re looking at a toy with the potential to get your child’s minding buzzing with ideas. It also provides the means for them to bring that idea to life. We’re talking about the Brick & Slide Ball Course Toy. 20813427790_1854161693 It features building bricks (made popular by Lego) and slides that kids can use to construct the ball course of their dreams. And because we know that a children’s dreams change quite often, it can be deconstructed and reconstructed as many times as they please. This brick and slide ball course toy set comes in 2 styles and each style has 3 balls each. The first style features a single-storey style while the second features a 2-storey style. This difference translates to shorter ball course in the single-storey design than the in the 2-storey design. The brick & slide ball course toy is made ABS plastic and is durably constructed to withstand all the abuse that it’s no doubt going to receive in the course of its lifework. For your child’s safety, the edges are blunt so that there are no sharp edges that can cause your child injury. Interestingly, this toy set weights under 0.5kg (500g) which makes it a good idea for a children’s toy mini importation business.
Minimum order quantity: 3 Price in Yuan: 7.80 (single-storey style) Price in Naira: 624.00 Price in Yuan: 9.80 (2-storey style) Price in Naira: 784.00 Weight: 0.35kg

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