Cordless Extension Box With USB Ports

Do you have a lot of appliances and devices that need to be plugged in at once? If anyone asked you this question, we can bet that your answer would be yes. And it’s the same answer that would have been given by countless other people, if they had been asked.

This is a problem that people often solve by buying multiple extension boxes, those with a lot of outlets or daisy-chaining extension boxes. Daisy chains occur when one extension is linked to another and that one to yet another. The problem with daisy chaining is the amount of power in the outlets reduces down the line. Another issue with multiple extension boxes is the mess of cords and they not have USB ports. The cordless extension box with USB ports solves all of these problems and more.

It features 6 power outlets and 2 USB ports which make a total of 8 outlets on this baby. The ports are well spaced so that the annoyance of trying – and failing – to squeeze into another cable or cord is eliminated. What’s more, this device also doubles as a surge protector so that your devices are protected from the damage that a sudden surge in power through the house. In addition to all the amazing things already mentioned, this device:

  • Has an detachable shelf that holds phones and devices while they charge.
  • Power indicator light that lets you know when it ‘s on or off.
  • Is lightweight and portable.
  • Is easy to install and use.

Place your order from any of the following stores:

Minimum order quantity: 3
Price in Yuan: 36.00
Price in Naira: 2880.00
Weight: 0.5kg

Minimum order quantity: 5
Price in Yuan: 38.00
Price in Naira: 3040.00
Weight: 0.5kg

Minimum order quantity: 1
Price in Yuan: 32.00
Price in Naira: 2560.00
Weight: 0.6kg

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